Phase Contrast Parts Biological Microscope Accessories for Infinity Optical Microscope


 Model:  Microscope Accessary  Type:  Microscope Parts
 Objective:  4X/10X/40X/100X  Eyepiece:  WF10X20 WF10X18   WF10X22
 Application:  For Infinity Optical   Microscope  Power Supply:  AC100-240V/DC12V
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Phase Contrast Parts Biological Microscope Accessories for Infinity Optical Microscope
• Extended EWF 10x/20 mm eyepieces, Ø 23.2 mm tubes.
• Eyepieces can be secured to the tubes

• All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput

• Infinity achromatic objectives 4x/0.13 10x/0.30 20x/0.40 S40x/0.70 S100x/1.25 oil (Optional)
• Infinity E-Plan objectives 4x/0.10 10x/0.25 20x/0.40 S40x/0.65 S100x/1.25 oil (Optional)
• Infinity plan objectives 4x/0.10 10x/0.25 S40x/0.65 S100x/1.25 oil (Standard) S60x/ 0.80 (Optional)

• The standard height adjustable Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser for brightfield accepts sliders with phase annuli suitable for plan phase 10x/20x or S40x/S100x oil immersion infinity objectives for economical phase contrast.
• With magnification indication.
• A slider with a simple dark stop for dark field up to 400x magnification is also available



Order Code Item Parts
UB200 Body (Choose the power cord please)
MS2F Binocular. Interpupillary distance 52-75mm
E1020PA High eye-point plan eyepiece WF10X/20 ◦ ◦
E1613PB Plan eyepiece WF16X/13 ◦ ◦
E1020GA High eye-point plan eyepiece WF10X/20 (Pointer)
E1020RA Reticule Eyepiece. Cross WF10X/20
WB-X4C Infinity Achromatic Objective 4X N.A.0.13
WB-X10C Infinity Achromatic Objective 10X N.A. 0.30
WB-X40C Infinity Achromatic Objective 40X(S)N.A.0.70
WB-X100C Infinity Achromatic Objective 100X(S)/(Oil) N.A. 1.25
WB-X4C-P Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective (Economical) 4X N.A.0.13
WB-X10C-P Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective (Economical) 10X N.A.0.30
WB-X40C-P Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective (Economical) 40X(S) N.A.0.70
WB-X100C-P Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective (Economical) 100X(S) (oil) N.A.1.25
WB-P2C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 2X
WB-P4C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 4X
WB-P10C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 10X
WB-PD2C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 20X
VVB-P40C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 40X (S)
VVB-P60C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 60X (S)
WB-P100C Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 100X (S) (Oil)
ZT2 Mechanical Stage, right handed, 156X138mm, movement range 76X54mm
ZT2B Rackless Stage, right handed, 185X177mm, movement range 75X50mm
ZQ480 Quadruple Nosepiece. inward facing
ZQ580 Quintuple Nosepiece. inward facing
JG2C Abbe Condenser
KL2B Kohler Illuminator (No field diaphragm)
KL3A Kohler Illuminator (with field diaphragm)
DQ2 for 6V 20W Halogen Lamps
DQ2A for 6V 30W Halogen Lamps
DQLC2C 3W LED Electric Device (with Rechargeable Batteries)
DQL2C 3W LED Electric Device
LA5-0011 Blue Filter (Φ38) (LED Lamp without Filter)
LU5-0011 Green Filter (Φ38)
LH5-0011 Yellow Filter (Φ38)
BZ-0022A 6V 20W Osram Lamp
BZ-0022 6V 20W Halogen Lamp Made in China
BZ-0023 250V/3.15A Φ5X20 fuse
BZ-0022B 6V 30W Halogen Lamp
BZ-0022C By 30W Osram Halogen Lamp
DQL2B-2000 3W LED Lamps
BZ-0027 Immersion Oil
WJZ-UB100I/200I Dust Cover
BZ2-0018 Φ2mm Allen screw driver
BZ-0021 Power Cord
 ◦ means optional configuration