UOP Stereo Optical Microscope , Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope – LT/ZSA0850


 Model:  LT/ZSA0850B/ZSA0850T  Type:  Stereo Microscope
 Eyepiece:  WF10X20  Zoom   Ratio:  1:6.3
 Magnification   Range:  0.8x-5x  Viewing   Head:  45° Inclined
 Interpupillary   Distance:  52mm-75mm  Input   Voltage:  200V-240V,   50/60Hz. 0.4A
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Trinocular / Binocular Head Stereo Optical Microscope

1) Destaticization: stand, zoom tube, 10×eyepiece and auxiliary objective are all equipped with destaticization. It is very helpful for users to observe the specimen with static( such as semiconductor chip).When use this function, please connect the microscope to the ground through the joggle on the back of the stand.
2) Airproof Function: zoom tube and 10× eyepiece are both equipped with airproof function, and this ensures the instrument work properly when the humidity around is high.
3) Ergonomics design can make users feel comfortable after long-time operation.
4) High definition, broad wide field of view, long-distance work. Various of attachments can be added on this instrument. It can be widely used in such fields:
a. Can be used for training and education in school and research institute
b. Can be used for routine inspection in medical institution.
c. Can be used for assemblage, testing, measuring and quality control in industry, especially in IT.
5) Kinds of optional attachments ( such as illumination, stand, eyepiece, objectives and etc.)



• Extended EWF 10x/22 mm


• Trinocular/ binocular heads with 45° inclined tubes, interpupillary distance from 52 to 75 mm and is equipped with diopter adjustment(s).


• 0.5x Auxiliary Objective, 2x Auxiliary Objective optional


• Three kinds of illumination are available for your special needs: Transmitted light, Sideling light and LED Circuit light



Item LT/0850B LT/0850T
ZSA085B/ZSA0850T Zoom Tube
Binocular 45* Inclined Tube  /
Trinocular 45* Inclined Tube  /
10x Eyepiece WF10x22
10X Division Eyepiece
15x Eyepiece
20x Eyepiece
0.5xAuxiliary Objective
2xAuxiliary Objective
Zoom Tube
Zoom Knob
Microscope Body
Focusing Knob
Brightless Adjusting Knob
LED Circular Illumination
Movable Hinge
Universal stand
Large Stand
Reflected illumination  /
0.4x reduce lense + CCD  /
0.4x reduce lens + intermediate lens + digital camera  /
Camera adapter + 2.5x photography eyepiece  /
Intermediate tube + 10x eyepiece + Nikon digital camera  /
2.0 USB cable  /