40X Inverted Fluorescence Microscope High Level COIC Brand XJP-3A – LT/XJP-3A


 Model:  LT/XJP-3A  Type:  Metallurgical   Microscope
 Objective:  4X / 10X / 40X  Eyepiece:  WF10X18
 Nosepiece:  4 Holes  Light Source:  12V 50W
 Condenser:  Abbe Condenser NA 1.25  Viewing Head:  45° Inclined
 Application:  Electronics Manufacturers / Forensic Labs / Metal   Foundries  Stage:  180* 165 30*30mm
 Power Supply:  AC100-240V/DC12V  Color:  White And Black


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40X Inverted Fluorescence Microscope High Level COIC Brand XJP-3A
COIC Brand XJP-3A Inverted Metallurgical Optical Microscope with Factory Price

LT/XJP-3A with WF10*18mm eyepiece, 4X 10X and 40X metallurgical objectives, 45° inclined. interpupillary distance 55-75mm.

LT/XJP-3A Configuration List:

No. Code Item LT/XJP-3A Remark
1 EH5 5x Huygens Eyepiece ◦ ◦ 5x/20 f=50
2 EP10a 10xPlan Eyepiece •• WF10x/18 f=25
3 EP12.5 12.5xPlan Eyepiece WF12.5x/14 f=20
4 EPr10b 10xPlan Reticule Eyepiece WF10x/18 f=25
5 M-OPr10 10xPlan Achromatic Objective NA=0.25 WD=9.02
6 M-OPr40 40xPlan Achromatic Objective (s)NA=0.65 WD=0.57
7 M-OSPor100 100xPlan Achromatic Objective (oil) (s)NA=1.25 WD=0.69
8 M-OPr60 60xPlan Achromatic Objective (s)NA=0.8 WD=0.32
9 B-OPr4 4xPlan Achromatic Objective NA=0.10 WD=17.45
10 4J.2 Main Body
11 12X.4 Binocular 45° Incline
12 8306A Stage Size:180x165mm Movement Range:30x30mm
13 4J.1 Electric Parts
14 CL02 Specimen Spring ••
15 SC03 Specimen Caliper
16 4J.0-1 Slide Φ10
17 4J.0-4 Slide Φ15
13 12X.3-5 Slide Φ20
19 7X6.4-34 Grey Filter Φ32
20 CUO2-1 Blue Filter Φ32
21 7X6.4-36 Green Filter Φ32
22 7X6.4-37 Yellow Filter Φ32
23 4J.0-2 Ground Glass Φ32
24 Elctric Parts •• 6V/20W Halogen Lamp
25 Elctric Parts 3W LED Lamp
26 LSO9 Lamps
27 0.01mm Micrometer